Inspiring Change in Communities

So I’ve decided to take the plunge and start speaking up about some of the things I’m deeply passionate about, though I actually honestly find public speaking very challenging for many reasons. I’m taking the opportunity to speak at one event organised by Geek Girls on a subject that I know nothing about – being a geek. Despite my knowledge of the technological advancement of society, I’m still something of a late bloomer in this regard. I’m stepping into the unknown and sharing my experience of developing and designing organic systems that work for people and plants and how this can be translated into an online interface. So I’m already in awe of these women who are writing codes and processing, empowering themselves and building the capacity of their communities through knowledge of the Internet. I know, I know – I’m late! 

I’m also really excited about receiving an invitation to speak at TEDx Croydon around the subject of Inspiring Change in Communities. Part of me feels almost unworthy as there’s still so much untouched and undone in the plans I have for Thinking Flowers? and Field, but I think this will be an amazing opportunity to thank those in the very varied communities I’ve worked with. I’m really interested in hearing the other speakers, especially Simon Boyle.