RBS Social Enterprise 100 Awards

We were invited back this year to provide floral designs for the awards ceremony held by Royal Bank of Scotland on 5 December at The Atrium. We made an arrangement for each table and a special installation for the awards ceremony table. We very much enjoyed the challenge of an extremely colourful story to illustrate and embellish the event colour scheme. This year we chose to take the number-based impact measurement theme pretty literally with big, bold vintage, numbered velvet rosettes.RBS SE100 5th We thought this retro feel was fun and fitting as it went along with the handmade ceramic awards provided by Koestler Trust: arts by offenders. The flowers we used were a combination of pink orchids, peach roses, blue thistles (as requested by our Scots friends last year), red berries and giant yellow chrysanthemums. Each table was dressed in multicoloured runnuclus in tall slim vases with the big vintage rosettes.RBS SE100 3rd The blue laser lights in the venue really set everything off.RBS SE100 Awards

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