Seed Mail

Hello Victoria and Andrea we hope this finds you Thinking Flowers?

We have been excited by the chance to meet an organisation that embraces being bold, radical and focused.

In your seed mail you have a combination of Signature,

range Corn Poppy, Corn Marigold, Corn Chamomile, Corncockle


We have also thrown in some Calendular (marigold) from our Women’s Health Garden and Peace Allotment at Rosendale Road and

Here are a few instruction for growing…your field of flower thoughts…

To grow your Flower Field you will need a container, that has good drainage.

If it does not you can put pebbles in the bottom, old broken crockery or glass (don’t forget to label it if you do).

You have enough seeds to sow a area of 2 meters squared, but this also looks great, compact

and colourful in urban settings like on a window sill, outside the front door…or maybe even a open

space near you even better if it is derelict.

All of the sseds are native so no need to worry about upsetting the biodiversity, you will only increase the birds, butterflies ladybugs and big, buzzing bumblebees.

You can use compost you have made, from your local city farm of community garden. If you buy some we reccomend peat

free, to protect our earth ancient supply.

Fill the container to about two inches from the top, and sprinkle the seeds on top depending on how thick you would like your meadow.

Then put about 1-1.5 inches of soil on top.

Give the container a good water.

After you have enjoyed your beautiful summer flowers, take the heads and dry them in the warm on paper.

This will ensure you have plenty more seeds ready for spring sowing around march/april.

If you have found a bit of urban decay to beautify, then you could give it a rake, clear stems and leaves or just watch them go wild like we do.

We have been known to let handfuls of seeds flow out of train window..have a look

if you travel between Herne Hill and Brixton 🙂

We would love you to join our Tea Party during the Shoreditch fringe,

So lets get sowing and save your dried petals to make our English Bouquet tea.

Please let us know your flower thoughts and share images.

Thank you for Thinking Flowers?

Best Wishes


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